All The News That's Fit To Print — And Vanity-Driven, Ego-Dripping Good Stuff


Google News has just launched a pretty cool new feature: Create your own news section. As you can probably guess, this allows you to create a new area of your Google News personalized page (you have to be signed-in) for anything you want. You simply fill-out a section title, put in any search terms you want it to look for, select a country, and you’re set.

Previously, you could make customized sections for Google News, but it was limited to single queries about topics. With multiple queries, this is much more comprehensive. And the pages look a lot nicer with images automatically pulled in. You can also now filter by source locations, restricting items to a single country or even state.

Also nice and new is that you can publish these section you make to a public directory. If you do that, anyone can then subscribe to (and rate) the section you’ve created. There are quite a few good ones that have already been created in this directory, like Mobile Technology.

Here’s what else this is great for: Vanity searches. As with most search products, the real key thing everyone wants but no one likes to talk about, is to be able to find information about themselves. This new Google News section creator is rather brilliant for that if you say, work for a tech blog that appears quite often in Google News.

MG News” is probably the new pinnacle of Google News.