Swedish government promises superfast broadband to all

[Sweden] The Swedish government is following in the footsteps of the Finns (well almost), as their IT-ministry is now promising that 90 percent of all Swedish homes will have access to a 100 mbit/s broadband connection before 2020.

According to Swedish IT-minister Åsa Torstensson it isn’t possible to function in the information society of today without a fast internet connection. You hear that? This is the information society, people!

The Swedish government is therefore launching a new broadbrand strategy, according to which there needs to be a set minimum level of broadband speed.

Today that minimum level is 20 kbit/s, which clearly isn’t anywhere near enough if you’re going to download lots and lots of movies.

Sweden is one of the more well connected countries in Europe and about 89 percent of the population have internet in their homes.

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