RED Scarlet gets specs and release window

<img src="" />The <a href="">RED </a>Scarlet, if you don't know, is a compact professional camera b

BillShrink: Now Cutting Costs For 1 Million Users

<img src="" width="164" height="200" /><a href="">BillShrink</a>, the startup that looks to help users s

Apple opens up iTunes LP to you and me

<img src="" />So I made a big deal about <a href="

Apps of the Month: Best iPhone Apps of November

Last month we launched Apps of the Month: a series dedicated to profiling iPhone apps that you should actually buy, instead of the ones that simply got the most hype. This is a tough task, given the 1

Why the CrunchPad mattered

There’s already been quite a bit of ink spilled over the demise of the CrunchPad but I thought I’d add a few drops. My opinion is this: the CrunchPad was a testament to the power of online

Custom Band-Aid dispenser for those foot-long paper cuts

<img src="" />Although the concept here is good, I can't help thinking that if you need a Band-Aid (elastic bandage, sorry) longer th

UK's Sun gooses Apple in this fun little ad

<img src="" />It's just as Rob over at <a href="">BoingBoing </a>says: yo

Verizon will push software updates to the Samsung Intensity and Trance beginning tomorrow

If you’re one of the 600,000 people who bought a Samsung Intensity (SCH U-490) or Samsung Trance (SCH U-450): good news! You’ve got an over-the-air update coming your way. One of our sourc

SMSONE: Micro-Local News From India To Make Silicon Valley Jealous

<img src="" width="215" height="142" />Of the hundreds of companies I meet in any given country, I only write abo

Plancast Is Foursquare… For The Future

<img src="" width="215" height="68" />If you're going to <a href="

Google Names Winners Of Second Android Developer Challenge

<img src="" width="155" height="200" />Google has just annouced the winners of its second Android Developer Challenge

Let's blame Leno's decline in ratings on the DVR rather than trying to acknowledge that media consumption is changing

<img src="" />I'm pretty sure I wrote <a HREF="

MP3 store 7digital expands into Finland and Norway – partner Spotify stands to benefit

<img alt="" src="" title="7digital" class="shot" width="150" height="41" />[Finland/Norway] UK-based MP3 music download

Review: 2TB G-Drive External Hard Drive

The G-Drive external hard drive line has been out for a bit now. But the latest model is loaded with the Hitachi 2TB 7200RPM 3.5-inch hard drive, which means I had to check it out. Let’s just sa

"We f**cked it up": Lack of media companies buying startups is Europe's achilles heel says Hommels

<img src="" class="shot2" />[UK] There were some interesting panel discussion today at the <a href="http://

Get PlayOn for only $20 through tonight

You only have a few hours left for this deal, but it’s totally worth it. PlayOn easily adds Hulu, Netflix, ESPN, YouTube, Adult Swim, and so many other Internet video sites to any DLNA-enabled h

Electric skateboard features 600-watt motor, top speed of 19 miles per hour

<img src="">Finally an answer to the age-old question of what can be done to improve skateboards and/or make them more dangerous. Hammache

Spotify heads towards TVs, gaming consoles and China

<img src="" class="shot2" />At the first ever outing of the brand new (and quite high level) <a href="http://www.noah-conferen

Want a free PSP? Join the Royal Navy!

<img src="" />What a coup for Sony's marketing men. The Royal Navy will be handing out PSPs to its sailors so that they can brush up o

10 minutes of Avatar footage for your viewing pleasure James Cameron’s Avatar looks like it will be a fascinating film and this behind the scenes video really gives a good look at the technology behin
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