Video: Kohjinsha dual-display netbook

I actually like this idea. Kohjinsha recently showed off its dual-display 10-inch netbook, which runs Windows 7 atop an AMD Athlon NeoMV-40 CPU at 1.6GHz. The machine can be used as a netbook with a standard 10-inch display (it’s a swivel, screen) or a second 10-inch display can be slid out from behind the first to be used together for double the desktop real estate.

There’s no firm release date or pricing, except to say that the company wants to launch the product by the end of the year with a target price of less than 100,000 Yen. That’s around $1100 US, which is far more than most people would be willing to pay for a netbook – two screens or not – but the idea’s there. We likely won’t see it here anyway, although certain Kohjinsha products can usually be ordered through various online import shops.

[via (translated)]