Epix Officially Launches Movie Streaming Network

We recently wrote about Epix, the movie and entertainment streaming network that works across your TV, computer, and mobile phone. Jointly backed by Lionsgate, MGM and Paramount, Epix is launching its service today with 150 titles, with 3,000 more movies, concerts and shows to be added in the next year.

Epix says that eventually it will be able to provide access to over 15,000 titles, but as we wrote in our initial review of the service, that’s just a sliver of what’s out there, since it’s only the movies available through the studios that are backing the company. And, if you want this content in your living room, you’re going to need Verizon FIOS, which only some 2 million people have.

But for the next month, Epix is allowing a limited number of people to access a three-day free online preview of its EpixHD.com service, starting this weekend. For this period, you’ll be able to access the service regardless of whether you are a Verizon Fios user. We actually have 200 30-day VIP passes to the service. The first 200 readers who follow @epixHD on Twitter and Tweet “@epixhd Experience Epix” with the hashtag “#techcrunch” will receive a DM from Epix with a promo code for the VIP service.

We had a few bones to pick with the service earlier, namely that it’s tied to Verizon FIOS, and that it doesn’t offer a complete platform to watch movies on the web (but no one does). That being said, the platform is useful because it transcends over the TV and your computer and its fairly easy to use. For those of you who are able to grab an invite, we’re interested to hear what you think about the service, so be sure to leave your observations in comments.