LG shows off their new 15-inch transparent AMOLED monitor

lg-display-15-inch-transparent-amoledLG showed off their newest project at the FPD-International 2009 show in Japan recently, a 15-inch transparent display. Are we seeing the future of TV and computer monitors? Who knows, but it’s interesting to see nonetheless.

Of course, it’s still a prototype, and we have no idea when we’ll see it in retail, how much it will cost, or anything specific. We do know that it uses AMOLED (active matrix organic light emitting diode) technology, but that’s about it. Other companies, like Philips, are also checking out this technology, and it was even rumored that Apple was going to create a device utilizing a transparent display. Nothing has really come to market yet (though the Zune HD screen has been getting good reviews), but we’ll keep you informed when and if something does.

[via OLED Display]