Brizzly Gets A New Coat: Facebook

Screen shot 2009-10-28 at 12.10.40 PMSince its beta launch this summer, Brizzly has been hands-down one of the best ways to interact with Twitter. The web app puts a new and intuitive user interface over Twitter’s data, which allows you to do things like see pictures inline in your stream, and easily retweet anything with the click of a button. Today, Brizzly applies its magic to Facebook.

The new Facebook functionality for Brizzly, which should be live in the next couple of hours, puts the Brizzly look and feel over some of Facebook’s features. Within Brizzly, you’ll now be able to do Facebook status updates, wall posts, comments, and likes. For now, you won’t be able to post pictures or videos, but Brizzly will offer a way to display them inline that is arguably better than the way Facebook itself does it.

This is an important new feature for Brizzly, as one of the service’s previously core features, Groups, is about to be done by Twitter itself in the form of the new Lists feature (which is currently in testing with about 25% of Twitter users). Brizzly has noted that it’s excited for the Lists feature, and that they’ll use its APIs to integrate with their Groups, but the functionality residing on still gives users a reason to go there, rather than Brizzly.

But with Facebook support, Brizzly offers something that Twitter cannot. It also gives it a leg up on rivals like Seesmic Web, which is also a very nice way to interact with Twitter on the web, but doesn’t yet have Facebook support (though it’s coming eventually).

Switching between your Twitter account and Facebook account on Brizzly is as easy as clicking a Facebook icon to switch over to a new stream. It’s the same idea as if you have multiple Twitter accounts set up with your Brizzly account. And within the Facebook area of Brizzly, you’ll be able to switch between a “Home” area and a “Recent” area. Home is basically the live Facebook News Feed, while Recent Activity shows stuff you’ve posted or commented on/liked recently.

In terms of developing for both Twitter and Facebook, “Twitter is very simple and Facebook has a ton of different features,” Brizzly co-founder Jason Shellen tells us. He went on to note that it can be hard to keep up with Facebook’s changes to their Platform, some of which are changing again later today.

Again, this new Facebook functionality should be live at some point today. And if you still need a Brizzly invite, ask around, there should be people still will plenty of invite codes available.

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