Booq's new rigid laptop case is ready for deployment

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It seems like when you watch movies where there are scientists out in the field, they inevitably have a hard-case laptop bag that they just set on a rock and open up. Boom, laptop! Well, those big ol’ chrome suitcases may look cool, but they’re a bit unwieldy. Better to get something a little smaller and softer, yet robust enough to withstand a few kicks. The Viper from Booq (not to be confused with the harder Vyper) seems to fit the bill.

I’ll be checking one of these out soon, which will be a big change from my usual shoulder-bag tendencies. Personally, I’m just excited to get out in the wilderness or something, and suddenly set this thing down on a log and open it up — no thanks guys, I’m just going to play Megaman 2 for a while without taking the laptop out of the bag, you go on ahead without me.


The Viper is available now, in sizes that fit both 15″ and 17″ laptops.

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