Buy your kid this Astro Boy netbook but keep it for yourself

astro-boy-netbookI hear (via John’s review) that Astro Boy is a fine movie. I doubt I will actually see it until my boy catches wind of it in a few years, but I tell you what, this Astro Boy netbook is geek chic and I sort-of want it. The specs are standard fare with an Atom N270 CPU, 1GB of RAM, 160GB hard drive, and XP home, but it’s the special edition lid that I can appreciate. It’s notebook art done right; clean, simple but yet slick. So here’s what you do.

The $616 special edition kit comes with a lunch box-like case, USB hard drive, flash drive, external optical drive, MP3 player, and portable speakers. Keep the netbook and external optical drive and give the rest to your 10 year old for Christmas. He’ll love ’em. An Astro Boy MP3 player! Alright! To bad it’s only in Taiwan. [via]