Yahoo Mail Suffers Outage

It appears that Yahoo Mail is suffering from an outage. Complaints from Yahoo Mail users are all over Twitter. It’s unclear how extensive the outage is and what is causing the issue but we’ll report back when we find out.

Yahoo Mail is currently the No. 1 Web mail service with 300 million people using it worldwide, so even a smaller outage could result in a large amount of people not having access to their email accounts. Competitor Gmail also succumbed to a serious outage recently, leaving users with nearly eight hours of downtime.

Update: It appears that the outage isn’t system-wide but users are still complaining of the service being down. Coincidentally, Yahoo is shutting down Geocities today so perhaps they pulled the wrong plug?

Update 2: Yahoo posted this update on the Yahoo mail blog:

A small fraction of Yahoo! Mail users may have experienced intermittent email issues earlier today, October 26, but the problem has now been resolved. We believe this was an isolated incident. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.