Rumor: Nintendo planning a DSi with a 4" screen

With the DSi still fresh on the market (relatively so anyway), it seems strange that Nintendo would want to replace it so quickly. But hey, they did it with the GBA, so why not? Japanese paper Nikkei reports that Nintendo is planning a new plus-size version of the device, which is to sport a 4″ screen (or screens). Sounds good to me, although the DSi already enlarged and improved the DS Lite’s perfectly good screen. So a 4″ one would probably be more for the real hardcore kids.

To give you an idea of what the difference would be between the 4″ and the current 3.25″ screen, I’ve made this handy chart:


A noticeable improvement.

This rumor comes hot on the heels of another rumor, though they seem to be unrelated. The rumored DS Speak Channel would probably be on the new version as well. And hey, it’s almost holiday shopping time — a nice big-screen DS would make a lot of kids happy.

[via Electronista and Shack News]