Audioboo gets further cash from 4iP

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[UK] 4iP, quasi venture investment fund from TV broadcaster Channel 4, is putting even further, undisclosed, investment into Audioboo, the ‘Twitter for audio’ startup. As part of the deal, UBC Media, the content and software supplier to the radio industry, is also effectively injecting cash into the forthcoming Audioboo Pro version of the startup’s iPhone app by buying 8 licences, though how much those cost hasn’t been released.

Audioboo has already sold a Pro version to The Royal Opera House, although that one sale won’t get it very far. However, they say media brands like the The Guardian, Channel 4 News, the BBC, TechCrunch Europe (well, me now and a again), The Telegraph and PaidContent have all used “Audioboos” style interviews as part of their content. I can confidently say that Audioboo is a great reporting platform because you literally just record the audio and upload from inside the app. The professional version allows one to queue uploads as well.

However, I have had equal success with the iPadio app which, like Audioboo, also tweets out a link to the audio. The difference between the two is that iPadio is really going after the internal corporate communications market, while at the same time giving away the app to create adoption. Audioboo is going after consumers and media brands.

Daniel Heaf, Investor for 4iP, said: “Our first round of funding helped Audioboo to market to prove both a user and market need. Now is the time to help Mark and his team fully realise that opportunity.”

No doubt Audioboo will use this PR opportunity to boost it’s attempt to fund-raise in the US, which I gather it’s off to do shortly.

  • Lee Martin

    This is great news for Auduoboo.
    The other major difference between iPadio and Audioboo is quality of the audio. Audioboo is extremely high quality.

    • John Duffy

      Hi Lee. I’ve just checked, there’s no difference in audio quality. Both 22Khz, I’ve done a screen grab from in Audacity to check. Not trying to convert you, but do have a check if you’d like. HD

  • Laurence Moore

    We’re in the same space – however as a company – it’s been difficult to gather such momentum to make any impace. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Twitter @buzkast

  • Laurence Moore

    …insert [bootstrapped] before company ;)

  • Mark

    There are no audio quality differences between any of the iphone record and audio service – Tweetmic, ipadio and others. We all rely on pretty much the same technology – have a play with the free ipadio app if you like (it does up to 60 minutes of record and upload). ipadio also offer phonecasts which operate from anywhere – like the series featured on our home page from GOSH – the childrens charity on a fundraiser from the Great Wall of China, or the calls from the Red Cross from sat phone in indonesia. In these cases iphones would not do the job only phone signal available. So yes the audio is a phone call – but there is no other choice in many instances.

    PS I’m biased.

  • Niall Harbison

    Saw them give a presentation today at media140 and sounds like an interesting concept. Said they were going after the huge radio market. They might fill a void that podcasts never really filled I guess.

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