TaffyBox Combines BitTorrent Search And Web Download

An email announcing TaffyBox hit our inbox this morning. It’s yet-another-BitTorrent service, but there’s a hook that makes it a really nice choice for the casual BitTorrent user – easy search combined with a Java applet BitTorrent client for downloading.

There are other services like BitLet that let you download torrents directly from your browser via a Java applet. But you need to already know the Torrent link (usually via a Torrent search engine) to start downloading it. With TaffyBox, you can search for the name of the show, song or whatever that you’re looking for, and click a button to start downloading immediately in your browser. Point and click downloads for those who find the usual BitTorrent clients complicated.

TaffyBox just ties search and download together, and the search results seem to come from BTJunkie, who also host the tracker.