Sergey Brin's Surprise Web 2.0 Visit: The Video

On Thursday, Google co-founder Sergey Brin made a surprise visit to the Web 2.0 Summit and was interviewed on-stage by John Battelle for about 18 minutes. Our full notes from that day are here, but the video above gives a good sense of where Brin’s head is at right now. Also check out his what he’s wearing on his feet at the beginning. I’m not sure if those are shoes or rubber socks.

Brin touches on Twitter, Bing, Android, the growing network of Google alums heading up other companies, the book settlement, his surprising lack of baseball knowledge, and Chrome for Mac, among other subjects.

He points out that search ads were at the bottom of the barrel when Google started. They were considered the equivalent of remnant ads, but that Google’s success is due to seeing value where nobody else was looking. In the same way, he says, it is impossible to predict where the most value will be created on the Web in the future.