Sequoia Capital Invests In Bump Technologies, The iPhone-Tapping Data Swap App

Bump Technologies, the startup behind the very popular iPhone application Bump, has closed a funding round led by Sequoia Capital. We had heard whispers of the news weeks ago, but the company declined to comment on it. Today though, during Sequoia Capital Partner Greg McAdoo’s presentation at Y Combinator Startup School, we got all the confirmation we need: Bump was listed on one of his Powerpoint slides as a company Sequoia has funded this year.

Bump once again declined to comment on the funding and the amount, but the cat is out of the bag. We’ve heard the amount raised was over $1 million, and are looking into getting more details.

For those who haven’t used it, Bump offers mobile apps that let you transfer information (like contacts and even multimedia) simply by tapping two phones together.

The company is also Y Combinator-funded, and has been featured in Apple’s TV ads.

Update: A source tells us the was a $3 million venture raise at a $10 million post-money valuation.

Bump Technologies