Vooch adds Android app to its location based voucher service

[Austria] Vooch provides location based vouchers accessible from your phone while you are on the move.  It’s similar to VouChaCha in the UK and Yoose in Germany, however they seem to have gone one better as they’ve launched in beta and are catering to a few mobile platforms.  

They have now added an Android app to their existing Windows mobile app and iPhone app. The site is also now available in English, the link to change languages is all the way at the bottom of the page and there is a mobile site for non smart phone users I guess, most of the current vouchers are centred around Vienna but I suspect they intend to expand the service.

However, as with all these voucher sites, it’s going to be really important to get a lot of retailers signed up to provide vouchers especially for different sort of products. The whole voucher game is about these deals and “Vooch.at” will shortly have to contend with lots of global players encroaching on their market.

According to Vooch co-founder Tobias Hann, there are currently 2500 users across the android, windows mobile and iPhone apps, of course the majority are iPhone users.   Theses user have access to 40 vouchers that can be redeemed in about 400 locations and range from 15 minutes on a Segway to discounts on lattes, shoes, bags and clothes.  In terms of usage of their existing channels, the iPhone app comes out on top followed by the mobile site and then the other platforms in varying degrees.

Voucher partner acquisition is now happening through sales reps and as this is working Tobias reckons that it’s the model they would like to use for expansion in other cities and countries.  Their immediate goal is to triple the number of users and vouchers while a medium term goal is to package Vooch as a white label solution for strategic partners or customers.

The company received some public funding from the Accent programme so aside from looking for further funding for expansion they would like to find those strategic voucher partners or people who can help in acquiring them.  Most of the mobile development is outsourced especially when developing mobile applications for different platforms, which is probably why there is no blackberry app yet.

The company was a recent mini seedcamp finalist and previous Techcrunch Europe coverage can be found here and here.