More Twitter Love From Microsoft As It Sets Up @MicrosoftHelps

Microsoft has set up a Twitter account called @MicrosoftHelps and aims to provide Windows 7 customer support on the hot micro-sharing service, writes Sarah Perez over at Channel 10.

The account has been around for a week or so but hasn’t been met with much attention so far. That’s a shame, because I honestly think it’s really interesting to see Microsoft set up a customer service channel on Twitter, much like Best Buy recently amazed me with its @Twelpforce endeavors.

According to Perez, the company even talked to Best Buy to learn more about what it could do on Twitter.

The new Twitter account is English only and will initially focus solely on trying to support Twitter users who have questions about or issues with Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 7, which is being debuted all around the world today. It might be expanding it to include more Microsoft products later on.

Microsoft reportedly also said that it doesn’t expect to be able to answer all queries at all times, but that’s only logical. Judging from the background image on the account, there are four people managing the account at this point.

Rumor has it Apple is considering setting up a similar channel on Twitter to assist people.
Nah, just kidding.