Launches Integration With Salesforce, the online file storage and sharing service, has just launched integration with Starting today businesses will be able to add a app to their Salesforce accounts, allowing them to quickly access their documents, media, and other files from directly within their CRM. The app also includes support for’s OpenBox platform, giving you access to the services that have been integrated with the service (these include services like Zoho and eFax).

To get started, businesses need to sign up for’s enterprise plan, which includes free access to the Salesforce app. As an added bonus, any businesses using the new Salesforce integration will be eligible for unlimited storage on — something that the service’s normal enterprise customers don’t have. will also offer access to the Salesforce app to customers using the ‘Business’ level account (which is for smaller companies), though it won’t come with unlimited storage.

CEO Aaron Levie says that this is the first step in’s plan to give businesses a secure way to share their files across multiple services on the web. He says that many of the cloud services geared toward the enterprise don’t work well together — oftentimes you’ll have to reupload the same content to multiple sites to share or edit it. wants to help unify these services by serving as the central hub for your uploaded files, which you can then access from these other web-based services. Levie hints that we’ll be seeing more integrations with other services in the near future.

For more details, check out the demo video below: