Launches Massive Structured Database Of People And Companies

It isn’t often that a startup can raise nearly $12 million dollars and work in stealth for a year and a half without anyone noticing. But that’s exactly what Tracked has done – and today they’re launching a massive structured database for tracking people and businesses. Imagine LinkedIn meets Yahoo Finance, on lots of steroids.

Tracked was founded in April 2008 by Michael Yavonditte, formerly the CEO of AOL-acquired Quigo. The service launches publicly today (right now, actually).

“This is a new kind of business service,” Yavonditte said in an interview yesterday. He has “begged, borrowed and stolen” (I don’t think he meant that stolen part literally) data from other structured data sources and has mashed it together into a highly usable format.

You can, for example, view public company financial statements, compensation data and insider trading for public company executives, or just overviews (and news items) for countless business people and other notable individuals. You can also create watchlists of people, companies or industries, and the service will create a customized feed of news relevant to the items on your watchlist.

If there is something in the business world you want to keep an eye one, Tracked will likely do that for you.

Once you start clicking you’ll find you can spend hours viewing pages and data, and setting up watch lists of interesting people and companies. It’s also fascinating to see related people, and click through various relationships.

We only had a few minutes to chat with Yavonditte and test the service prior to launch. We’ll be posting a much more in depth look of the service shortly.

Tracked has raised $11.5 million from Union Square Ventures and a number of angel investors.