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Mobile social network aka-aki raises 'several millions of euros' in funding

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Berlin-based aka-aki, which offers a location-based social network for mobiles, has raised additional funding. The amount of this second round of financing was not disclosed, although the company did say it was ‘several millions of euros’.

Investors were Creathor Venture and Innovacom.

Aka-aki has been running its mobile social networking service for about two years now and says its community is growing much faster than anticipated. Aka-aki’s Roman Hänsler tells me the user base is currently 350,000 users strong and located around the world. The company started generating revenue only last August, mainly through advertising.

With the extra capital, the startup aims to take its service beyond German borders and start building a solid international presence. Needless to say, they’ll be facing a lot of competition wherever they go.

Aka-aki first raised money from incubator Founders Link and two unnamed private business angels. After that, it secured a ‘seven-digit amount in euros’ from Creathor in July 2008. According to the press release, the original team of 8 founders in aggregate remains the largest shareholder of the company even after this round.

  • Julia

    Congrats to the super-moose!

  • Nerdy Joseph

    Nice growth trend. Good luck!

  • Caitlin

    Good name. Its only one short name to remember, you just say it twice. Good start!

  • james

    Never been that impressed with Aka Aki vs other mobile social networks like, Mxit etc

    Is 350k users really that impressive … ?

    Will check it out again but have never seen what makes it special vs the competition.

  • Thomas

    Great News to the #German Start up scene :-)

  • Zeshan Ghory

    Congrats to Stefanie and Gabriel and the rest of the team!

    When is the android app coming out?

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  • Anthony Barba

    Congrats. Great to Berlin innovation getting recognized and support.

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