LED color lighting kit FINALLY available for your Festivus pole


Today is an exciting day, my friends. Yes, today’s the day I can say with 100% certainty that I have now officially seen it all. Chinavasion is selling not an entire Festivus pole, but merely an LED lighting kit FOR YOUR EXISITING FESTIVUS POLE. A Festivus accessory, if you will.

It’s really nothing more than an LED rope light consisting of four different colors and a handful of blinking sequences. It can be yours for $17.28 plus shipping from China.

A dumb product though it may be, you have to hand it to Chinavasion for taking the time to whip up some truly insane marketing photos for the sole purpose of trying to push some cheap LED rope lighting at almost $20. Examples:




Apparently Cao San Tsa is the Chinese equivalent of Frank Costanza. Unreal.

Festivus Pole LED Color Light Kit [Chinavasion]

And for the uninformed, here is the story of Festivus: