The BlackBerry Storm 2 makes an appearance on Verizon's website

storm 2Besides the CEO touting the BlackBerry Storm 2 around for some impromptu demos, Verizon hasn’t exactly acknowledged the phone’s existence. There have been rumors that it’s because the Storm 2 still doesn’t live up to Verizon’s standards or it could simply be that Verizon doesn’t want to take the attention off of the Motorola Droid. Whatever the case maybe, the BlackBerry Storm 2 will probably be made official sometime real soon.

The Storm 2 is sort-of on right now in fact. The phone doesn’t have a product page yet, but someone found the phone’s 3D demo page. So have it. Click over to and give the phone a spin. You really don’t need to see a product page anyway, it’s not like you plan on buying the second incarnation of the worst phone ever made when the totally sick Motorola Droid will be available around the same time. At least I hope not.

[Verizon via BGR]