Gadget-Picking Site Measy Goes Live

As the holiday shopping season approaches many of us will be facing some very tough decisions: do we get the Asus netbook computer or the HP Mini, a Canon digital camera or a Nikon. A whole sub-industry has arisen to help consumers make those decisions with sites ranging from CNET to gdgt. Today, Measy enters the fray by trying to help you make that decision by asking you a series of questions about the gadget you want and then coming up with the top three choices based on your criteria.

Launched in private beta in September, Measy’s site is now publicly available. It helps you make purchasing decisions about digital cameras, HDTVs, and netbooks by asking you about your needs and preferences. (“How important is travel?”; “How important is brand?”). It then scores each device on the traits important to you and delivers an overall score.

The site only supports a handful of consumer electronics categories, but every month or so it will add a new category. Smartphones are next. With today’s launch, Measy also added information on the site about the best places to recycle electronic gadgets (which I never know how to find).

Taking a decision-tree approach and then boiling down each attribute of a product to a score is one way to cut through the consumer-electronics clutter, but can you really trust it to come up with the best product for you? Give it a whirl and tell us what you think in comments.