Buddy Media Launches Integrated Facebook And Twitter Client For Brand Management

As more brands look to Facebook and Twitter for a social media presence, the need for applications that make this presence simple grows. Buddy Media, a startup that develops applications for social networks, is hoping to attract the attention of brand marketers with its new all-in-one social media management system.

Targeted towards advertisers and PR reps, the Buddy Media Platform helps create, manage and track social campaigns on Facebook and Twitter (the client will soon offer functionality for MySpace and other social networks). With regard to Facebook, the platform lets agencies create, manage and track Facebook Pages to drive and increase user and brand engagement. Users don’t need to have any prior HTML knowledge to create pages on Facebook and can create sleek and interactive pages fairly easily. And the pages themselves aren’t just advertisements; users can add a variety of apps to their pages such as polls, YouTube videos, coupons, slideshows and virtual gifts. The platform also lets you publish updates directly to a page’s wall. And the Buddy Media Platform lets agencies implement Facebook Connect on a brand’s site to tap into the social network’s graph.

Buddy Media’s Twitter Management System, which we wrote about here, lets marketers measure and identify Twitter trending topics around a particular brand, related topics and competitors. You can also track performance and trends for a brand and entire industry across Twitter with easy to view data on followers, mentions, and re-Tweets.

Buddy Media’s tool will let you track volume and frequency of click-through rates in Twitter as well as monitor and analyze the sentiment of Tweets about a particular brand compared to competitors. Within the system you can create various profiles to manage several brands and different Twitter account and schedule Tweets to be published in advance of campaigns. And the system acts as a Twitter client itself, so you can have a centralized place to both Tweet and monitor and graph brands.

The platform also offers other services that let advertisers and PR folks better monitor brand engagement, such as real-time analytics of campaigns and resources to help managers drive and track social actions and clicks. And Buddy Media’s system offers real-time search capability, which can be especially useful to companies wanting to gain insight into the conversations about their businesses taking place on the social graph.

Offering a comprehensive platform that serves as a one-stop-shop for brand managers to manage social media campaigns is a wise move for Buddy Media. There a few services that are providing similar services out there, such as PeopleBrowsr and CoTweet (which focuses on Twitter). But Buddy Media’s compelling Facebook features, such as the ability to make a visually appealing and interactive page, could be popular among brand managers that have little to no technical background.