Video: Man breaks TV on Home Shopping Network while playing Wii


Oh, this is embarrassing. A man on the Home Shopping Network is demonstrating how much fun it is to play Wii Sports with one of those plastic tennis racket accessories. Gotta make the sale! And it all goes well until he raises his arm and goes for the serve…

BAM~! That’s one broken TV you have there, mister. Maybe you should have paid attention to the warning that comes on when you turn the Wii on: “please make sure the controller is strapped to your wrist, lest you break the TV, and look like a fool.”

Though full credit to the man for, as the Brits say, getting on with it.

And for the life of me I can’t get the video to queue up to where I want it, so you’ll have to skip manually to 4m53s if you just want to go right to the action.