The BlackBerry watch is real, renders leaked


Remember August 2009? It was a simpler time; a time before the nation had to worry that whatever was on the news was just the result of giving a 6-year old and his dastardly parents a big-ass balloon. Right around that time, word got out that RIM was cracking away at a Bluetooth watch for the BlackBerry line, only to disappear off the radar entirely – until today.

CrackBerry, proving their prowess amongst BlackBerry blogs, has verified that the project is as real as can be and brought the pudding to prove it. They’ve got not one, but two renders of the (surprisingly basic looking) device, along with a handful of details:

  • It’s been designed from the ground up for BlackBerry compatability
  • “Big, bright, and beautiful” OLED screen
  • Primarily intended for showing incoming calls/messages
  • Based on the filename of the leaked renders, it might be called the “inPulse”.

So what do you think – whether you’re a BlackBerry owner or not, would you rock a Bluetooth wrist accessory?