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Today TechCrunch Europe has officially ported to its new domain name That doesn’t mean we have anything to do with the European Union by the way – it’s just the easiest and most memorable way to denote our continuing focus on tech companies on the European continent and its nearby regions. We’re also formally telling you that we now have a lot more contributors than perhaps you realised. I’ve always maintained that media is a marathon not a race. Others have wielded phrases like go big or go home’. Well that might work for technology companies. But when you are creating media in conjunction with your community, you need to earn peoples’ trust first and foremost.

So we’ve been slowly building up our network over the last few weeks and months, not making a fuss, just getting on with the business of breaking news and stories about tech startups in Europe. But we may as well make this strategy more overt now.

But to be clear, this is not the launch of a network of full-time bloggers I might add. Each of our contributors either has their own blog or some other kind of “day job”.

As a result they don’t have the pressure of having to meet revenue targets for blogging, which is very hard to do in most European countries. Instead they can pick and chose what they write about and they have access to a great big megaphone – TCE – to blast out breaking news and information from their scenes.

And because they have day-jobs, they have their ear to the ground about the latest movements in their particular tech scene.

That’s cool, and I feel that means they are under no pressure to churn out low-quality information. That also means that when real, under the radar news and information comes their way, they will be bringing it to TechCrunch Europe first. That means all you need is one Twitter feed (@TCEurope) and one RSS feed to get everything we do.

It’s also worth pointing out that even though this is a blog there will be a very light-touch editorial process to this. All stories go through me, the editor, in order to maintain that quality. Where there are any conflicts of interest to posts, I do my best to make sure they are declared. Also, most of our contributors are writing in English as their second language, so I don’t mind lending a hand. But I stress, it’s very light touch process.

A note on that: This also marks a day when we are formally declaring war on “silos” in Europe. One of the big problems is the fragmentation of the market here. But it’s widely acknowledged now that English is the international language of business, and it’s very much the language for discourse in the tech startup space. And that’s why we make no apology for writing in English about the European tech scene – that way the vast majority of entrepreneurs and investors can see what is happening across the field of play. There are already many worthy local, regional and national blogs in their own native languages. That’s fine. But as with our contributors who have their existing local language blogs, we’ll doing our best to help them break the English language versions of any news about European tech out there. And it’s worth remembering that posts on TechCrunch Europe can also appear on on and get tweeted out to a million people. Only TCE can do that.

And of course, editors and writes (like Robin Wauters) will still be running stories about European companies on TCE first and cross-posting to

Now covering 16 countries, with contributors on the ground, that makes TechCrunch Europe the biggest blog out there focused primarily on tech startups on the broad European continent.

Our contributors all have their own blogs and Twitter feeds so I encourage you to go and subscribe to them. When Twitter releases its Twitter lists feature I’ll be making that available in one handy list.

A brief word about the UK: Since I’m based in London I won’t be losing my focus on tech companies here. And with this new approach, I’ll be able to concentrate my fire even on this key European eco-system, while at the same time bringing Europe together here on TCE, and in our live events and conferences around Europe, run in conjunction with 2Pears.

So, without further ado here are our main contributors so far. I want to thank all of them for their awesome faith and support in this project to date.

As time goes on we’ll be looking for more in each country, and more countries in Europe. There are still gaps in our coverage. But stay tuned. And if you’d like to become a TCE contributor in your country, get in touch.











Vacancy for a contributor.





The UK is primarily covered by Mike Butcher, the editor. But our (now occasional, but great) contributors this year were:


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  • Andrew J Scott


  • Pat Phelan

    Great job Mike
    will have to find you an Irish contributor :-)

  • vassil mladjov

    Very cool Mike,
    Please let me know if you want me to connect with with some of our bloggers in Bulgarian to help cover that country too ;)

  • Niall Harbison

    Great job Mike. This has been needed for a long time. I have no idea of the eco-system in countries outside IReland and England and hopefully this will address the problem. The big question is “will people read the blog in English”. It may be the main business language but remains to be seen if people would actually read. I for example speak French fluenty but have never read a French tech blog. Really hope it works though as this is exactly what Europe needs

  • David Semeria

    I feel sorry for Stefano Bernardi.

    The Italian VC scene is about as vibrant as a mozzarella which has been left out in the rain.

    • tenthings

      man, that’s about the case in most of europe. while there may be plenty of startups, they are not interested in exposure to europe and many are heroic attempts targeting the us/uk markets, where websites are much more monetizable through advertising.

    • Stefano Bernardi

      Thanks for the tough :D

      I’m trying to give more exposure to the italian tech scene and I think writing for TCE is a good step.

      While it’s true that there are really few VCs and there is not a lot of money for italian startups, people are constantly coming up with AWESOME technology and companies (not unlike your LM framework).

      We just need to “be the change we want to see in the world”. Sorry for the cheap quote, but I really think it’s true.

  • WTF

    WTF ?!
    Since when Israel an Turkey are part of Europe ?!

    Oh, wait a minute.
    You guys must be compliant to “The Thing : EU”.
    Say hello to the beast.

  • Tom

    That´s great News to us :-) Welcome to the “old world” like former president Bush told us!

  • Marina Zaliznyak

    David Semeria and tenthings, well, as bad as it may be, it’s going to be our job (at least in part) to motivate the situation and bring into light the worthwhile ventures. Stefano is in a pretty much similar situation as I am here in Spain. Though I’m CERTAIN there will be plenty of companies to cover. I just don’t believe they’re currently getting enough international coverage. Hopefully we can change that.

  • OoTheNigerian

    Congratulations on the expansion!

  • Matthias

    mike, congrats on that move – great to see tce is continuing to grow, it’s an important platform for us european startups

  • Jean Benjamin

    What happened to techcrunch france? did you guys kill it? used to be a great blog

    • Albert SY

      TechCrunch France is dead long time ago (no post since july).

      Lot of RSS readers (using Netvibes) have unsubscribed from their list.

  • Shakir Razak


    Congratulations Mike.

    However, In 2 years time, I wonder how many of those in your Top-20 EU start-ups will be from countries other than Israel, England, Ireland and Scandinavian?

    TCE has so much potential to be the preeminent location for the millions across europe working away on tech. companies to connect and support and encourage (and see successful peers and outcomes of effort), especially those away from the main/richer hubs.

    Also, I hope it will be a policy to make sure the articles of all of the above bloggers, when appropriate, link back to their own blogs/websites, rather than just cross-posting only within the Techcrunch family.

    Best wishes,

    Shakir Razak

  • Leafar

    I do hope that the “light touch” editorial can actually fix the typos that the editor made in this introductory post.
    After a first read: “earn peoples’ trust” (should be people’s); “they can pick and CHOSE” (should be choose); “we’ll doing our best” (should be we’ll be doing our best); “can also appear on on” (duplicate); “TC editors and writes” (should be writers).

    I am expecting a lengthy, editorial post like this to be proof-read before it goes live. Breaking news may contain typos and mistakes, but this is not a promising start.
    Oh and for the record, English is not my first language either… (unlike Mike Butcher’s)

    • Alex Wilhelm

      I have to call you out here @leafar, you are splitting hairs. Do me a favor, try and blog on a major website for a week.

      Get back to me on how you feel about typos.

  • Vendeesign

    Congratulations on the expansion!

  • Antoine

    Congrats Cedric!

  • Ricardo

    Congrats to everyone, specially Michael for the insight to do the expansion.

    Looking forward to read about exciting startups throughout Europe.

  • hermione way

    Mike has put so much time and energy into making the European tech scene what it is today- It’s bustling – there’s an event in London alone every night.

    Whenever anyone gets good they seem to piss off to Silicon Valley – Mike has done a huge amount to create a entrepreneurial ecosystem that’s sustainable in Europe- we’re behind you every step of the way- we salute you!

  • Doug Mehus

    TechCrunch should take note of TechCrunch Europe’s faster load times, less laggy page design and slightly fewer ads.


  • Niklas Stephenson

    This is great!
    We miss more news from the tech scene in Denmark!

  • Raphael Arbuz

    Very good news. Well done Mike and welcome to the EuroCrunchTeam!

    This was certainly the smartest move to make in this fragmented market we live in!

  • ukweb

    Firstly I’d like to reiterate what Hermione says, I want to congratulate Mike on his hard work, running around Europe, creating events and reporting on the EU space for very little money, its a thankless task although all the back slapping and free drinks must go along way to boost the ego.

    Luckily TCE has a rich parent to subsidize the costs here because it is noticeable that not many, if any local startups have taken advertising space or sponsorship packages on TC. Certainly none of the darlings of the TCE – Huddle, WAYN, Zoopla, Skimlinks, Spotify, Rummble etc.

    Why, is it because TCE is charging too much or don’t they really care so long as the free posts keep coming and the parties/events keep going?

    It seems the real sponsors remain Sun (Stewart Townsend), Bindi (Microsoft) and the US startups (see the current ads above) and still the European “Fat Cat” VC’s who live of the sweat of others have failed to dip their collective hand into their deep pockets unless you count Seedcamp. Anyone still going to the “free” OpenCoffee event?

    And if you thought Mike was a grumpy bastard when busy before, he has no idea how busy he is going to be dealing with a “light touch” editorial team of bloggers, his own email, twitter and other day to day stuff. Good luck trying to get his time now!

    Finally I agree what has happened to TC France covered by Ouriel and no offense to some of the writers but how come @Orli in Isreal is not covering the scene for TCE as she retweets EVERY TC story.

    Well good luck to TCE God knows we need it, although someone please point me out a hot startup (other than Spotify and Zemanta) worth tracking and investing in over the last two years, that will return double digit returns.

    Today on TCE alone there are three stories on companies starting collaborative platforms and this in the light of Google Wave. Sadly all will fail but what the heck there is another event/party to goto every night so thats ok then.

    Robin is a pain in the arse blogger who thinks he should be running TCE but prefers the ego trip of writing about little pointless belgian stories on TC.

  • Marc Rosenfeld

    Hey, where are the Belgium here?..

  • Dania

    Congrats Mike! I have my eyes open to find someone to represent the great Swiss startup-scene on TCE :)

  • David Stobs-Stobart

    The talent, diversity and motivation across Europe is inspiring. There is every reason why our tech universe needs many vibrant centres around the world. Well done, Mike, in helping this to happen.

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