TechCrunch Europe – Covering 16 countries and counting

Today TechCrunch Europe has officially ported to its new domain name That doesn’t mean we have anything to do with the European Union by the way – it’s just the easiest and most memorable way to denote our continuing focus on tech companies on the European continent and its nearby regions. We’re also formally telling you that we now have a lot more contributors than perhaps you previously realized.

I’ve always maintained that media is a marathon not a race. Others have wielded phrases like ‘go big or go home’. Well that might work for technology companies. But when you are creating media in conjunction with your community, you need to earn peoples’ trust first and foremost.

So we’ve been slowly building up our network of contributing voices over the last few weeks and months, not making a fuss, just getting on with the business of breaking news and stories about tech startups in Europe. But we may as well make this strategy more overt now.