Google Expands "Going Google" Ad Campaign Worldwide

Google continues to hit milestones with Google Apps – 2 million businesses and 20 million users in over 100 countries and 40 languages (up from 1.75 million businesses in June). And they aren’t slowing down the advertising, either.

The Going Google campaign, first launched in August (and spoofed within a day) with billboards that changed messages daily, is expanding.

The target? Microsoft Office/Exchange/Sharepoint. The message? Give your employees shared documents, calendars, email, etc. without the hassles of managing email servers or rolling out software updates. Customers are pointed to

Tonight Google is announcing the expansion of the Going Google campaign into the U.K., France, Canada, Japan, Australia and Singapore (“train stations such as Paddington, La Défense and Shinagawa, and at airports in Singapore, Toronto, Dallas and beyond”). They’re also announcing new enterprise customers onica Minolta, Rentokil Initial and TOTO. Other recent customer wins include Recent wins include Motorola’s handset division (20K users), Konica Minolta (7K users), Rentokil Initial (business services company, 35K users), and MeadWestVaco (VA based global packaging company, 17K users).

They’ve also created a montage video of the campaign: