Videos: Google Wave Acts Out Pulp Fiction And Good Will Hunting

Everyone is still searching for what exactly Google Wave’s role will be in the web going forward. We think it’s still too early to tell, but one man, Joe Sabia, has put together maybe the most impressive Wave demonstration yet. Is he doing something extremely useful? No. He’s using it to reenact scenes from Pulp Fiction and Good Will Hunting. The result is brilliant.

I used Pulp Fiction to show features, usability, and overall functionality for an audience that has yet to see Google Wave.  It’s engaging and fun,” Sabia writes to us. And while he may not be doing something like working or using Wave to replace email, he is showing the potential of using a platform that is very dynamic.

More importantly, it’s hilarious. And it features two excellent scenes from two great movies, reenacted, in Wave. Watch below (obligatory NSFW warning).