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Once in a while we like to point you to events that may be interesting to European tech entrepreneurs. We’re not necessarily endorsing them. Buyer beware and all that. We’re just saying you may want to check them out. We’ve added events where there will be a TechCrunch Europe writer attending, or those we are running. And please definitely put December 15 in your diary for “TechCrunch Europe’s ChristmasCrunch – It’s A Realtime Holiday!”

So, for your interest…

• 20th October TechLudd, Dublin

• 20th October – TechCrunch Munich at Sun Microsystems (TechCrunch Europe Attending)

• 22 October – Venture Lounge London (TechCrunch Europe Attending) Watch out for an announcement about an informal TechCrunch Europe meetup afterwards over drinks. For now follow @mikebutcher and/or @pjozefak for information closer to the day.

• October 28-30 – Stockholm 24 Hour Business Camp (TechCrunch Europe Attending)

• 23-25 October Helsinki Altparty (TechCrunch Europe Attending)

• 28-29 October – KIEV Investor Day CEE (TechCrunch Europe possibly Attending)

• 28-30 October – The Emerging Communications Conference & Awards (eComm Fall, 28-30 October) (TechCrunch Europe Attending) is the world’s leading-edge event, spanning Telecom, mobile and Internet based communications. It’s designed to showcase and accelerate both technology and business model innovation; and to explore the latest opportunities. As a media partner TechCrunch Europe has one free ticket (leave a comment on this post about why you want to go and we’ll pick someone randomly) and there is a 10% discount code to anyone reading this post, just click here.

• Nov 1-5 Re-Think Hawaii – Global Geek Gathering (TechCrunch Europe Attending, possibly)

• 3-4 Nov Slush Helsinki

• 5th/6th Nov European Venture Market, Berlin

The IAwards – The Science Museum on 16 November 2009 (TechCrunch Europe Attending – Mike Butcher is a judge of the startups category)

• 16-19th Nov – UK Digital Mission to New York for Web 2.0 Expo, Nov ’09 (TechCrunch Europe Possibly Attending)

• Nov 16 – 22 Global Entrepreneurship Week – London

• 30th November UKTI / TechCrunch Europe Pitch Workshop – FREE for UK-company registered startups, email Petra Johansson, (TechCrunch Europe Attending)

Le Web 09 – Paris – Dec 9 2009 (TechCrunch Europe Attending, and helping to organise the startup competition)

• TechCrunch Europe ChristmasCrunch – It’s A Realtime Holiday! (London)
15 Dec – More details to follow. For sponsorship enquires (only) contact Petra@twistedtree.co.uk

  • http://www.svc2c.com Sherry Coutu

    18th: Silicon Valley Comes to London – CEO2CEO workshops


    21st: Silicon Valley comes to Cambridge – CEO2CEO workshops…


  • http://www.meebee.com JD

    Gr8 list Mike ! :)
    How about the TC Crunchies in Jan, any date fixed ?

    BTW, I have 2 tix to TC Munich event to give to someone lucky as it looks like I wont be able to attend. JD

  • http://www.arbdev.net المطور العربي


  • James Rickard

    Does anyone know what coverage this event achieves and where it achieves it i.e media week, campaign etc JR

  • James Rickard

    Also when is the entry deadline. Thanks JR

  • http://www.anglerheadstart.com Michael Sinclair

    Free Networking Panel Discussion “ANGLER HeadStart – Turn Recession into a Business Opportunity”, Event on 8th of this month in UK. For more information visit http://www.anglerheadstart.com/event-information.html

  • http://www.whymandesign.com Ed Whymandesign.com

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    Here is the http://www.Traidmark.org way to create a USP that will
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    *Increased goodwill with the financial benefits that lead to rapid
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  • http://www.theemeet.co.uk Steve Roest


    Another event that eCommerce professionals and entrepreneurs should check out is the eMeet (www.theemeet.co.uk). It’s a free to attend networking event in London on 27th Jan 2010.

    It’s a chance for eCommerce professionals to network and share ideas without having to pay attendance fees for a conference, or being sold to.

    Please get in touch with Steve Roest on steve@theemeet.co.uk for more information, or check out the website – http://www.theemeet.co.uk.

    Look forward to seeing some of you there.


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