Cinch Makes It Super Simple To Share Audio To Twitter, Facebook, And The Web

Screen shot 2009-10-15 at 10.50.08 AMA number of services have taken off that make it easy to share pictures via Twitter. A number of iPhone apps also build in this functionality. There are so some that do the same for video now. But audio recording has yet to really take off on the platform, and Cinch, a new service from BlogTalkRadio, hopes to change that, and extend it to Facebook and the web too.

True to its name, the core idea behind Cinch is to make it very simple to share your content. You can create a Cinch account, but if you already have a Twitter or Facebook account that you wish to connect to, that works just as well. Once you’ve done that in the iPhone app (you can also connect to either of those via the website, but the app is more useful), you’re taken to a start up screen which features a big red record button to start recording your audio. Once you’re done, just hit publish to send it out.

And you can do more than just send audio. If you want to send a picture, for example, you can add that too, and then record audio talking about the picture (though you don’t have to add the audio part). Or you can just send text. Or a combination of all three.

The app also allows you to browse and listen to other people Cinches, or you can do that on the website. And if you choose not to use the app, you can record a Cinch from any phone line and send it. This audio is simply inserted into your Cinch RSS feed, which you can share anywhere on the web, not just to Twitter or Facebook.

The platform has an open API and we are working with the development community to make it as robust as possible. We are also white branding the entire platform (including the app) so publishers and brands can create their own communities built around Cinch,” according to BlogTalkRadio CEO Alan Levy.

Unfortunately, in my experience with the app, it crashed a few times, but Cinch was able to restore the audio I had recorded in a lost session. There was also an issue where I had to authorize Twitter via OAuth every single time I opened the app, which is a pain. That part was not a cinch, but the rest of the app seems to be.

You can find for free in the App Store here.

[TechCrunch Europe Adds]: There are two other iPhone/Android apps which do this. Audioboo is making headway as a sort of audio Twitter, while iPadio is targeting businesses.