About That Chrome OS Event

Screen shot 2009-10-15 at 2.32.43 AMWe’ve been reporting a lot about Chrome OS the past few days. Possible features, screenshots, early builds — lots of good stuff. And tomorrow was promising to bring even more as yes, there’s an event partially dealing with Chrome OS scheduled to take place on Google’s Mountain View campus. But sadly, we’ve been banned from the event.

Truth be told, all press is now banned from the event, we were told this evening. And that sucks because just yesterday we were confirmed as attendees and had planned to report on what we saw and heard. But then PC World and The Next Web spilled the beans on the event, and Google decided to ban the press.

However, before they banned us and closed down registrations, we did manage to get the confirmation email about the event.

The event, dubbed Front End Engineering Open House will feature “presentations on Google Maps and Chrome OS, YouTube will be unveiling their new look and showcasing YouTube 3-D.

While the presentation on Chrome OS is obviously the thing that first caught our eye, the “new look” for YouTube certainly sounds interesting. As does the showcase of YouTube 3D, something we covered a bit of this summer.

Here are the other key details:

When: Thursday, October 15th, 2009


Where: Google Headquarters


6-7pm | Registration & Networking
7-8 pm | Presentations

Welcome by Adam Sah
Maps – Dan Barcay
Chrome OS – Ben Goodger
YouTube – Chris Zacharias & Igor Kofman
Panel Q&A

8:05-9pm | Networking & Demos

Should be interesting, too bad we can’t go. Anyone who does, feel free to film it and send us the video. tips [at] beta.techcrunch.com.