Want That Early Chrome OS Build? You Got It.

Screen shot 2009-10-14 at 2.01.31 PMThe hits keep on coming from Jonathan Frederickson, the TechCrunch reader who turned our initial revelation of a “chromeos” folder on the Chromium build site into a full-on walk through. Today, he’s doing what Google won’t: Making the early Chrome OS build available for download.

Frederickson has placed the files he downloaded a few days ago on a Rapidshare account for anyone to access. You can find them here.

Will Google be pleased about this? Probably not, considering they removed the files from the Chromium folder shortly after our post. But whatever, it’s open source, yo.

As a reminder, you’ll only be able to install this if you have Linux.

As a bonus, Frederickson also posted a couple screenshots of what the Chrome OS browser build looks like themed. Find those below.