TVCatchup launches live streaming TV to the iPhone

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[Apologies for the brevity, I’m posting via the WiFi on a train in the UK] It looks UK-based TVCatchup has launched a new service which has the Twittersphere chattering today. Accessing on an iPhone (or iPod Touch) lets the user tap into live UK TV channels, with a delay of about one minute. Quite some feat to pull off. And the Brighton-based outfit is claiming it’s all legit. TVCatchup ran into pretty serious trouble last year with broadcast.

Here’s a some video I found about the service:

  • Jüri Kaljundi

    Too bad it does not work outside of UK.

  • Simon

    Way to go, Mike. What trouble did they get into? Must have been serious, they’re still in business, unlike kangaroo

    They’re based in London, not Brighton

    By the way, you haven’t even seen the website you claim to have reviewed, have you? Your screen shots are not of the site

    Accuracy isn’t exactly your thing, is it

    • Mike Butcher

      They were in trouble with broadcasters last year, that’s on public record. They are based all over the country and one of the founders is in Brighton. And actually this was a justa quick post to get something out there about this interesting service while the story was breaking. I’m now getting a full statement from the company and the subsequent story will have all the accuracy you can eat :-)

  • Justin Berkovi

    This is awesome! The quality is incredible…I’m not impressed by many things but this is really good.

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  • Stefan Richter

    Tried it over 3G here – worked extremely well. Nice one.

  • Daniel

    Bit surprised at your response, Mike. I’m unaware of any official or public record identifying TVCatchup as having been in any any kind of “trouble” with anyone. You would have thought that, having been involved in the TVCatchup project since inception, I would have been the first to know :-)

    The website is London based, hopefully you will by now have received the information you need to factually correct this article.

  • Facebook Application Developer

    now this time for Apple TV which was recently launch by apple 

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