Nikon D3s official, costs $5200

It seems like it was just a few minutes ago that I was posting the leaked specs almost in their entirety. Oh, it was. Well, we’ve got more pictures!

The gallery isn’t available through the main page, but it’s easy enough to find. The high-res pics aren’t up yet, but that’s cool with you guys, right?

All our stats from before were pretty much on target: 12MP, 9FPS, 100% viewfinder, 51-pt autofocus, 720p video, 102,400 extended ISO. But feel free to read over the press release. One thing I’m confused about is that the UK price is £4200, which is a lot more than $5200. Britons, feel free to sound off (or switch to Canon… that 7D is looking good right now, isn’t it?).