Man builds Vespa rocking horse for grandchild, jealousy for everyone else


Here is a photo of the luckiest kid in the world. Look at that cute little face. He seems to be saying “I have a Vespa rocking horse. Do you have a Vespa rocking horse? Where do you keep your Vespa rocking horse? I’m but a small child so I can only assume that all other children have a Vespa rocking horse just like mine.”


While I’ve got news for you, Diego. My childhood rocking horse consisted of little more than some cheap springs, a whole lot of ass splinters, and general disappointment.

Aw, I’m just jealous. That’s why I’ve been so moody lately. It’s not Diego’s fault, he clearly has an awesome grandpa. And to be fair, my grandpa did buy me Castle Grayskull no questions asked when I was five. Can your Vespa rocking horse travel to Eternia, Diego? Oh, it just stays in one place? I see. Hmm, that’s unfortunate.

[via Likecool]