GOOD Scores Funding, Strategic Partnerships To Help Improve The World

GOOD, an integrated media platform for people who “want to live well and do good”, has announced that it has recently closed a Series A round of funding led by its co-founder and CEO Ben Goldhirsh and a number of angel investors including Nicholas Negroponte. While the amount remains undisclosed, newly appointed President Craig Shapiro says it was in the “single digit millions”.

The company – not to be confused with Good Technology – is also consolidating several of its brands (Reason Pictures, GOOD Magazine and GOOD Digital) under a single entity dubbed GOOD Worldwide.

In addition to the funding, GOOD is living up to its promise to help ‘push the world forward’ by striking several strategic partnership and investment agreements. These include deals with Causes, a hugely popular Facebook and MySpace app that promotes viral donations of time and money to charities and non-profit organizations, Goodrec (a personal inspiration and recommendation service) and Govit, an application that empowers citizens to take action by connecting with their elected representatives in the United States.

Founded in 2006, GOOD says its website, which is partly a network of blogs, now reaches over 2 million monthly uniques while its magazine gets into the hands of approximately two hundred thousand readers. The media company also organizes well-attended live events and produces videos that it claims have been streamed over 25 million times to date.