Woopra launches realtime analytics for paying users

[Lebanon] Back in March, 2008 we first wrote about Woopra the realtime web analytics startup that originated from Lebanon which, unlike Google Analytics, offered a desktop application to track websites visits as they happen. Since then Woopra has been in beta, upgrading its desktop app and offering a web version .

Today Woopra has come out of beta and introduced paid accounts, thus monetising its service. Previously it relied only on banner Advertising displayed at the home screen of its desktop app. This now means paying users do not need an invitation to the beta. It also means the removal of the 10,000 page view per day limit. Woopra is planning to add new features in about a month that will include a new Desktop version.

I had a sneak view earlier today at Woopra’s official package plan. This does not differ much from the original drafted plan in pricing but, for instance, SSL support is  enabled in all packages, and the page views limit has increased for all packages except the free basic and the Bronze packages. The official packages starts with free accounts package which is the only type that still requires an invitation. It includes a monthly page views limit of 30,000, comes with no segmentation, and is only available to non commercial websites. For more information about Woopra’s new paid account see this post .

Full segmentation is offered only to Gold, Platinum and Titanium packages, the latter priced at $99.95 per month or $999.90 per year for sites with “heavy” traffic but not more than four million page views per month.