Viper intros remote car starting via iPhone

viper Oh, boy. It was only a matter of time, wasn’t it? Automobile security system company Viper has just introduced its SmartStart line consisting of an in-car hardware module with a cellular connection that allows you to lock, unlock, and remotely start your car from just about anywhere in the world.

You can also show off by popping the trunk and hitting the panic button, too. The module can be added to existing compatible Viper systems for $300 or there’s an all-in-one system for $500 – both are currently available at Best Buy.

Since the starter module has some sort of cellular connection built-in, Viper will be charging $30 per year for remote iPhone starting features. The first year is free, though, and the system is also compatible with the iPod touch over Wi-Fi.

If all this stuff sounds vaguely familiar, you may recall a similar prototype Android version called “KEI” (see coverage here) that an MIT student developed back in May of 2008.

Here’s a video demonstrating how the Viper system works.

Viper – Remote Start System with SmartStart [Best Buy via CNET]