Rumor: T-Mobile working on secret 'Project Dark' strategy


If you love irony, you’ve come to the right post. In one corner, we have Microsoft working on / killing off a secret scheme known as Project Pink. Now, in another corner, there is rumor of T-Mobile, the defenders of all things pink (well, magenta to be exact), working on its own secret strategy known as Project Dark. If you ask us, it sounds like the colors got a bit mixed up in the automagical secret-plan-naming-machine all these guys use.

According to the skilled ninjas over at BGR, T-Mobile has been quietly putting together a new plan of action known internally as Project Dark. The secret plan apparently involves new outfits, network enhancements, a new slogan, and a new all-you-can eat plan.

More specifically, T-Mobile will be spiffing up its employees who sell particular (higher-end?) devices with new, dressier black tops and gray pants. Supposedly Project Dark also includes a “rapid” expansion of T-Mo’s 21Mbps HSPA 3G network access as well as a new catchphrase – “More for Less.”

Finally, and perhaps the most intriguing part of this secret scheme (don’t get me wrong, I’m always down for spiffier salespeople), is the supposed “Everything Unlimited” plan which will run $50 for all you can talk, type, media, etc. All of these improvements, aka Project Dark, are expected to arrive alongside the new BlackBerry 9700 whenever it drops. But, don’t forget (we know you are still thinking about the new gray slacks), this is all pure speculation at the moment.