Peerset Rolls Out Psychographic Data Tool For Advertisers And Brands

Startup Peerset is launching an advertising data tool that generates “psychographic” recommendations and ad placement advice, based on content analysis. Peerset’s proprietary technology organically links interests, values, lifestyles and attitudes to brands, letting advertisers see the constellations of these links.

Sound confusing? That’s because Peerset’s technology is fairly complicated. The startup basically examines interactions on social media sites and then interprets these connections and provides recommendations to brands and advertisers based on the results. For example, if the ad subject is “Fashion,” Peerset may determine that the ideal audience is also communicating about “Sex and the City,” “sushi,” and “Madonna.” Peerset says that this data can help advertisers and brands figure out what audiences are likely to engage and connect strongly with a product or service.

Peerset goes beyond just giving advertisers data on target audiences; the startup actually integrates with existing ad serving systems and will place contextual adds next to connecting “subjects.” Peerset will actually execute media buys either through social media publishers or through ad networks which let you target by keyword. For example, the “Fashion” ad would be placed next to content about Sex and the City or sushi.

And Peerset’s technology lets advertisers create campaigns that target and connect with audiences who share similar values, interests or lifestyles. It should be interesting to see if Peerset’s technology proves to be profitable for advertisers and brands.