DIY Dyson-like workshop vacuum


The core concept behind the Dyson vacuums are nothing new. In fact workshoppers have been using similar, but a whole lot more simple versions, to take some load off of their expensive dust collection units for years. Either you buy one, or you spend some quality time with some PVC pipes and make your own.

Hack A Day describes them best,

A cyclonic separator is used in workshops to keep larger cruft out of the dust collection system. The airflow inside a separator creates a vortex that flings heavier bits and particles to the periphery of the chamber, where they settle out the bottom, while relatively clean air escapes the vacuum port at the top. This makes for fewer filter changes and a more consistent pull from the vacuum.

Rocker sells an Oneida system that costs $99.99 that includes a bucket or you can opt for just the cyclone system for $59.99. Or, you can spend a lot less and make your own by following this Instructable. I’m actually going to make one of these this weekend. I’ll let you know how it goes.