As Facebook Nears 100M U.S. Visitors, Twitter Falls Further Behind In The Rear-View Mirror

Although Facebook recently admitted that Twitter was in its rear-view mirror, it appears that Twitter may be moving out of eyeshot. September’s U.S. comScore data has just been released and it appears that the gap between Facebook and Twitter is widening. Facebook grew by over 3 million unique visitors during the month of September, from 92.2 million unique visitors in August to 95.5 unique visitors in September. Twitter, on the other hand, is completely flatlining, barely growing over the past month. In August, Twitter received 20.8 million unique visits in the U.S. compared to 20.9 million unique visits in September.

As Facebook nears 100 million unique visits in the U.S., the gap between the social network and Twitter is widening. In April, the gap was around 50 million unique visitors, with Twitter pulling on 17 million unique visitors and Facebook drawing in 67 million unique visitors. Now, the gap has grown to nearly 75 million unique visitors between to the two sites in the U.S.

As we’ve said in the past, these estimates only count traffic to It’s important to note that since more than half of Twitter users don’t even go to the Website and use Twitter apps to consume and publish Tweets, Twitter’s total audience could be larger.

But it should be interesting to see how Facebook and Twitter fare in international numbers. I suspect that while both will continue to show growth in comScore’s worldwide numbers, Facebook’s growth will probably take place at a faster pace. This happened in July, after Facebook turned on the everyone button. Facebook may see strong numbers in September, after launching versions of Facebook Lite in Europe and Asia. Twitter is also looking to make more of a presence internationally, planning to launch versions in French, German, Italian and Spanish soon.