Unboxing the Windows 7 Launch Party kit

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My Windows 7 Launch Party kit is finally here! As you may recall, I was selected to host one of these Windows 7 Launch Parties. I’m so lucky.

Oh, man, look at all this stuff. Streamers, balloons, party bags, playing cards, a puzzle, and a poster!!! Microsoft sure knows how to throw a party. Add some jello shots and a beer bong, and this party should be crazy. Oh, and the fact that I now have a full, legal copy of Windows 7 Ultimate 32- and 64-bit makes me smile too.

Now all I should probably do is watch those instructional videos again for some “helpful tips.” Then print off some low-res posters and fun quizzes. Finally, I should probably find some friends that actually wanna party with Windows 7.

These packs have been shipping out to pre-selected hosts all week. Hosts should receive an email with the UPS tracking info before hand. According to a note on HouseParty.com – who is actually organizing all these shindigs – packages are still being shipped so don’t worry if you haven’t gotten yours yet. You should get it by the October 15th. Or you could always buy one on eBay.

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