Audiophile List: Ultrasone HFI-2400 Headphones

Ultrasone_logo_on_white&black_groundGerman headphone manufacturer Ultrasone has announced a new flagship for their HFI line. An open-back pair titled the 2400 with 40mm gold-plated drivers and all sorts of other bells and whistles.

The claim to fame is Ultrasone’s S-Logic technology. I’m sure there’s all sorts of fancy science behind it, but it basically means that the drivers are mounted off-center. This allows the sound to bounce around your head for a bit, instead of being pumped directly into your ears. Supposedly, it gives the effect of a much more three dimensional musical experience. Other high points include a reduced sound pressure level, meaning less strain on your ears. Also, the “MU metal shielding” reduces the amount of magnetic radiation “as much as 98%” So if the only thing holding you back from buying a pair of headphones was the lack of proper radioactive safety regulations, these might be the pair for you.

They fold up into a convenient size, and have a detachable, straight cable. And the technical schematics all say the right things to make a audiophile-level pair of headphones.

Frequency range 10 – 25000 Hz
Impedance 70 Ohm
Sound pressure level 94 dB
Driver 40 mm gold-plated

Headphones like this are an investment. Mostly because you can’t afford to eat for a week after you buy them. The HFI-2400s are available for pre-order at $295.00. Just remember, it could be worse.