Voxeo Acquires Motorola's VoiceXML Browser Technology

IVR and VoIP provider Voxeo has acquired Motorola’s VoiceXML browser business, including full rights to Motorola’s “VoxGateway” VoiceXML browser, for an undisclosed amount. VoiceXML is an XML application that formats voice dialogues between a human and a computer. It allows for voice applications to be developed and deployed similarly to the way HTML is used for visual applications.

Voxeo and Motorola have worked together since 2004 to advance the VoxGateway platform under a shared development agreement. Under the new agreement, Motrolo has has transferred the rights and ownership of the browser source code to Voxeo, which Voxeo has licensed back to Motorola for the company’s use.

With this technology acquisition, Voxeo will license out its standards-compliant VoiceXML browser to companies that want to add VoiceXML to their products and services. Voxeo acquired instant messaging platform developer IMified earlier this year for an undisclosed amount.