Social Enterprise Software Jive Launches Integration With Microsoft SharePoint

Jive, the maker of a all-in-one social enterprise software, is launching integration with Microsoft SharePoint, letting Jive users easily access data and content from the CMS into Jive’s software. Modeled to offer Facebook-like features to enterprises, Jive combines computing with social collaboration. Its suite of applications help businesses collaborate on a variety of tasks, including holding discussions, sharing documents, blogging, running polls, and social networking features and more.

The SharePoint Connector lets users unite content and activities originating inside either Jive or SharePoint into a single stream with unified access, search results, activity streams, and document storage. So Jive customers can search, browse, and link to SharePoint repositories and content from wherever they happen to be working in Jive, including groups, discussion threads, documents, and blogs.

One particular use for the connector is for content from SharePoint to be published to Jive to be reviewed and edited within the social network. The key advantage to the integration is that Jive customers can do the bulk of their work within Jive while still being able to access to content in SharePoint, making their Jive experience richer.

Jive’s co-founder, Bill Lynch, says that the connector is part of a greater strategy, called Jive Connects,which will let organizations surface content and activities from almost any content management system (CMS). The startup plans to roll out additional integrations with CMS properties in the near future. Jive’s competitors include NewsGator and Socialtext, which both provide integration with SharePoint.

Last year, Jive had a bittersweet year with the release of new versions of Clearspace software in April and an acquisition mixed with substantial layoffs at the software company. This year is looking to be a more positive year, with the integration of Jive’s software into a complete package and this release. Jive also recently incoroprated social media monitoring into its platform.