Ducati Hypermotard 796. No, really. That's what its called.

Seeing as how all of our readers are avid motorcycle enthusiasts who can drop ten grand for the latest crotch rocket, here’s Ducati’s latest street machine. If you are one of those lucky few, how about purchasing a fleet and donating it to your favorite tech blog?

Advertised as “The new way to go hyper”, the Hypermotard 796 is Ducati’s newest model. The focus seems to be directed more toward making this bike not as ridiculously expensive as for the average consumer and commuter. Not to say that it can’t keep up with the rest of the pack. Weighing in at 368 lbs, the engine will still pull 81 horsepower and 55.7 ft·lbs of torque.

The 796 comes in a complete matte-black, a matte-white tank with matte-black frame, or the traditional Ducati red and black color scheme. No official word on pricing yet, but you can take it from us, it’ll be under 10,000 USD. Look for this marvel of Italian engineering at any Ducati dealer come November 2009.

Or for less than half the price, you could get your own powered robotic exoskeleton. Your call.

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