Dropico Lets You Drag And Drop Pictures Across Social Networks

Dropico is a brand new service that allows you to drag and drop pictures from multiple social networks rapidly and seamlessly, without the need to upload photos and other imagery to each of them separately.

Have any pictures stored on your TwitPic account that you want to share with your Facebook Friends, or want to bring a couple of your Flickr shots to your MySpace account? Just log on to Dropico, log into the services you use and start dragging and dropping.

Dropico is currently in private beta, but 1,000 TechCrunch readers can try out the service via this link.

Personally, I tend to simply send pictures to my Posterous account by e-mail and auto-distribute them to my blog, Flickr and Facebook account, but I can see why people might be interested in giving Dropico a whirl. It’s an easy way of organizing media across multiple social networks, but aside from that it’s also a decent media uploading service since it also allows you to fetch pictures from your computer or from any web page. Once you’ve imported images on Dropico, you can distribute them to your social network(s) of choice all in one interface.

Dropico currently works with Facebook, MySpace, Photobucket, Bebo, Twitter, Flickr and Picasa. In the near future, the Israeli startup behind the service intends to add more services to the fray, and also make it easier for users to drag and drop other media like videos across social networks. There’s also an API in the works.

The startup is currently operating on some $150k from its founders and some angel investors, but is currently talking to other investors about a bigger round.

(Via Orli)